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Shipping delays

Updated Dec. 23, 2020

There Will Be Shipping Delays

USPS is experiencing unprecedented shipping delays. There are two main reasons for the delays:

1. The historic volume of packages being shipped this year

2. Limited employee availability due to Covid-19

Unfortunately, this is leading to many orders being late. We deeply apologize for these delays -- we know how frustrating and disappointing it is to not receive an order on time, especially if you were counting on it to be a Christmas present! However, we cannot control these shipping delays.

Tracking Links

Please be aware that tracking links are taking longer than usual to update. The overload of shipments in distribution centers means carriers are slower to register and ship your orders. Sometimes the tracking info won't change for over a week until the item is scanned, or even up to the point of delivery.

For example, we have orders that were handed over to a carrier on December 3, but were scanned by them only on December 10. Know that your orders aren't lost — they're still being processed by the carriers.

What Should I Do if My Order Is Late?

If you haven't received your order two weeks after the estimated delivery date, get in touch with us at Let us know about your delayed shipment and we’ll check it out. We may ask you to wait a few more days to receive the order.

My Order Was Supposed to Be a Christmas Present, But It Won't Arrive on Time. Help!

Please know that your order is on the way, and it will arrive -- although it may be late. So, may we suggest taking a photo of the item you ordered, and sending it to your loved one (to show them that their gift is coming)? Or, print the order confirmation email and wrap it in a pretty box, to be opened on Christmas morning.

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